Ashleigh Fournier , married on 11/09/2019 


Natural Beauty, Ahead of Schedule! 

I don't have enough kind words in my vocabulary to begin this review for you, Kelly! Perfectly professional correspondence, absolutely no issues with coordinating schedules, very easy to get in touch with. 
I was nervous to choose a makeup artist as I didn't want to end up frosted like a cake on my wedding day! I don't usually wear much makeup beyond powder and mascara; Kelly reassured me that her style is very natural with an emphasis on products that are good for your skin. At my pre-wedding make-up trial, Kelly made sure to give me every opportunity to let her know if I didn't like the way something was turning out, and reassured me that I wouldn't hurt her feelings and that she wouldn't take it personally; her priority was to give me a look that I loved. AND SHE DELIVERED!  
On my wedding day, I felt so beautiful just looking in the mirror once my makeup was complete that I was brought to tears. Kelly hugged me, kept me laughing, passed me water, gave me a break to let my butterflies settle; she is truly an artist who loves what she does, and I couldn't be more thankful to have had the opportunity to spend such a large part of my wedding day with her (all of my girls have said the same!) 
TIMELINESS. Kelly knows how to manage herself, her art, and a big group of people. I would say this was one of the best parts about working with her; she prides herself on being on-time and ahead of schedule, so I knew that was one thing I didn't have to worry about.