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Tips: are they required? How much is standard? When do I tip?

The question about tipping (gratuity) is one that I am most frequently asked, so I figured writing a blog on the subject might be helpful.

Tipping dates back to the early 1700’s. Guests would pay a “vail” (tip) to the servants of the house they were staying at. This was intended to show their appreciation for the extra work that their visit caused them.

Moving forward several years patrons of bars would place a few coins in a bowl in an effort (To Insure Promptitude).

The original “Vail” morphed into T.I.P. (To Insure Promptitude), which has more recently morphed into T.I.P.S. (To Insure Proper Service) and has become a standard within most of the United States. Giving a tip or gratuity is typically given to someone who is providing a service to you.

So do you have to tip your Makeup artist and/or Hair stylist?

Although a tip is never expected or mandatory, it’s always appreciated if you are happy with the service you were provided.

How much do I tip?

The standard guidline for gratuity is 20% of your total bill. Providing a more generous tip if your stylist/artist has really gone above and beyond is not unheard of.

When do I tip?

Providing each stylist/artist with an envelope at the end of the day is the norm. has a great article on this subject and includes the etiquette for tipping all of your wedding vendors. If you’d like to view the article please click here;


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