Did you know that leaving a positive review for your vendor is one of the best ways to show some love and appreciation after your event?

When booking a vendor most brides will spend hours if not days looking over vendors, comparing prices, procedures and REVIEWS! Nobody wants to hire a vendor with bad reviews, or someone with no reviews. People want to hear about the experience others have had.

Reviews of all lengths and details are welcomed!

The more details about your experience you can leave for future potential clients the better, but if writing isn't really your thing, it's okay to just leave a quick "Great experience, I highly recommend."

Each and every review helps to keep our businesses current, and thriving.

Reviews can be left on Google, WeddingWire, The Knot, Facebook, etc... just copy and paste your review to numerous places.

So after your event, please, please, please take a moment to write a review for your vendor.

Trust me when I say that it will be so greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!!


Like reviews, pictures are a necessary tool in showcasing our work.

Anyone who has sat in my chair knows that the pictures I take look more like mug shots than anything else (just look at my before and after gallery). Although many people enjoy seeing the before and after photos, people also would like to see the professional photos. It's important to be able to show how your work photographs (by professionals).

My website would nothing without the professional photos that were shared with me.

If I'm being honest, I'm excited to see not only the close ups of your makeup/hair, but also the beautiful pictures of you saying I do, first look, dancing with your dad, etc...

By the time I leave you on your wedding day, we are friends. I said it, friends. I thoroughly enjoy seeing all the photos and videos of you and the people I met, worked with and laughed with earlier in the day enjoying themselves, looking and feeling their best! Selfies are also fun to receive. I have a gallery on my website dedicated to clients selfies. It's just fun! You know your angles, work it!

So please, share your photo's with me and you may be featured on my website, instagram, or Facebook.


With all the many ways to learn about a vendor, word of mouth still stands as the most powerful! I love nothing more than when somebody reaches out to me to say, "You come highly recommended by my friend." When I know that somebody I've worked with in the past has recommended me I get the warm and fuzzies. Not to mention that means you and I are already association.

If you are in a Facebook group and someone asks for recommendations, you taking the 1 minute it takes to write "" in the comments may just mean the difference. If you want to share more information than just our website, that's great too!

We have a few pods of women that just keeps growing. It starts with one bride then moves to the bridesmaid who loved her makeup so much she booked for her wedding, and onto the guest at that wedding who loved what she saw, and it just keeps going and going.


Maternity photos? Family photos? Christmas party? Professional Headshots? Boudoir photos for the hubby?

Whatever the occasion, please remember to reach out to see if we can help!

Thank you to all of our clients past/present/future for taking the time to help our business to continue thriving. We most literally could not do it without all of you!

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