Airbrush Makeup: 5 Reasons why I stopped offering it

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

5. Limited Shades

Most people don't realize that Airbrush makeup comes in just a small handful of shades.

This forces your makeup artist to use their knowledge of color theory and undertones to mix and create what they hope will be a perfect match for your skin.

This can be a time consuming process.

4. Coverage/Skin challenges

There are two widely used formulas in airbrush makeup; silicone and water based. Both formulas are very thin, and unable to achieve a "full coverage" look.

Airbrush makeup looks best on those with extremely hydrated, overall good skin. If you or anyone in your party struggles with dry skin, acne, rosacea, or scarring, airbrush is not for you. Dry skin becomes flaky and the thin formula is unable to give the proper coverage for other common skin conditions.

3. Facial Hair

For those with velds hair (peach fuzz), airbrush makeup will leave you looking a little, well, like a peach.

Traditional makeup absorbs into pores, whereas airbrush makeup adheres to smooth, moisturized skin. Those tiny hairs make your airbrush makeup sit above the skin, and you can see that. It's not a good look.

2. Blending/Touch-ups

Once airbrush drys it becomes extremely difficult to manipulate/blend. If your makeup artist is sitting there next to you when you cry, they may be able to reapply to cover up the tracks of your tears, but once your artist has left the building you may just be stuck with any future streaks.

1. Lasting Power

I don't know who began the fairytale of "Airbrush makeup lasts longer" but it's just not true.

A talented artist, using quality cosmetics, tools and technique can and will make sure that your makeup outlasts any airbrush application.

My brides tell me that they still look great the next morning!

What do you think?

As you can see from my list above, airbrush really isn't for everyone.

As a matter of fact, in my humble opinion, it's not for most.

Something else worth mentioning is that a study was done that showed an increase in respiratory issues in artists athletes use airbrush machines over artists who only use traditional cosmetics.

Book a trial today and see for yourself the positive results of a traditional makeup application.

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