Are wedding photo #hashtags on the way out?

Emily was marrying a Tom. Tom's last name is Murray. So what do you think their wedding photo hashtag was? If you guessed #emilysgettingmurrayed you'd be right.

Hashtags have been a big thing in weddings for a few years now. They have been a source of fun, creativity, and if we are being honest, stress. Not everyone has an easy hashtag option like Emily. I've seen brides completely stressed out trying to find just the right hashtag where they and their guests could share photos.

Besides the stress of coming up with your very own hashtag there is also the fact that you are uploading these photos for the world to see. If they type in that hashtag, boom, they are a virtual, uninvited guest to your nuptials.

I recently was working a wedding and asked the bride what her hashtag was. To my surprise, she didn't have one. What she had, was in my opinion even better.

She shared with me the app "The Guest - Photo Sharing App". This app was fantastic!

Brides download the app and create their event. They can share their password to get into their event with whoever they choose. Once into the event you have the option of automatically uploading all photos taken that day into the app (event) or manually uploading only the pictures you choose, and when. Then everyone that is a part of that event can view and share each others pictures.

Not only was this app super easy to use and convenient, but best of all, it keeps your photos only among those that YOU choose to share your event information with.

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