Hiring A Makeup Artist for your wedding;​ 5 reasons why you should make the investment.

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

5. Knowledge

A professional makeup Artist, who specializes in bridal makeup will have worked on hundreds, if not thousands of faces during their career. That experience brings knowledge of all skin tones, and textures.

Your artist should be able to match your skin tone, and make you look like you on your best day, regardless of any fine lines, bringing focus to your best features.

4. Skill

Having knowledge is a must, but knowing what must be done and having the skill to actually do it are two different things.

Your best friend might do an amazing job at doing her own makeup, but working on others is a much different situation.

Working with mature skin, acne, scars, oils, etc...requires quality cosmetics, tools and most of all skill.

When you hire a professional we will come with that knowledge AND skill to ensure that you look flawless all night/day.

3. Getting You Camera Ready

Meeting your makeup artist for a trial is the first step in getting you ready to have all eyes (and cameras) on you. This is where you will communicate your desired look, discuss your vision and really get to see what that looks like on you.

Did you know that there are certain products that will cause a white shadow to appear on your face in professional photos? This is called "flashback" and can absolutely ruin your photos (that you have paid thousands of dollars for.)

A professional makeup artist knows what products and ingredients to avoid to ensure that this does not happen to you.

2. Time Management

A good makeup artist will keep your party on schedule.

Wedding days can be chaotic with many interruptions.

A professional will create a timeline and work with the hairstylist to make sure that everyone is looking their absolute best, and ready to walk down the aisle on time.

1. Piece of Mind

Hire a professional that comes to your on location for your wedding day to provide all of the above and sit back with your favorite people for a morning/aftertoon full of pampering, love, and laughter.

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