Fremont, NH

Our team is well educated, highly talented and extremely passionate. 

Kelly Ford

Professional Makeup Artist

My love for makeup dates back to the 1980's. That decade was all about the glam!  I knew then that I wanted to pursue makeup artistry as a career.        
I have been extremely lucky in my career to showcase my talent in many different areas from weddings, magazines, celebrities, T.V., and corporate settings.
Enhancing ones natural beauty and highlighting your best features is what I do best .  
Correct makeup application at every age is imperative for a natural, youthful appearance.  I'm happy to say that I've mastered this technique.
​Each of my clients step out of my chair holding their head a little bit higher, feeling a little more confident, sexy, beautiful, and strong.  

Jane Pellegrini

Professional Makeup Artist

I’m a makeup artist and mother to 3 beautiful children. 
My love for makeup goes back to my childhood. I have been lucky enough to be professionally applying makeup for the past 4 years. 
Although I am skilled and thoroughly enjoy working with clients of all ages, I find a special fulfillment when I can help the more mature client look and feel their very best.  

Tracy Prata

Professional Hairstylist

I’ve been doing hair for 25 years, and more specifically teaching hair for Paul Mitchell for the past 7 years.   As much as I love teaching, I found that I was missing the fun of working with women for their weddings and special events!
I am highly skilled in all hairstyles, types, and techniques, and really excel in making women with thin hair look and feel like they have hair has thick as my hips! ;)

Autumn Stewart

Professional Hairstylist

I am a seasoned hairstylist, graduating beauty school in 2001.  I always stay educated on the current trends, styles and products so I can offer a variety of options and knowledge specific to my individual clients needs.
For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to make people feel their best.  Giving my brides a romantic updo is what I do best!
Weddings are my favorite because, well, I just love, love!