About us

Makeup New England is one of New Englands most highly sought after beauty professional teams.   They offer Luxury, onsite hair and makeup services for all occasions and events.

Each vetted team member is well educated, highly talented, extremely passionate about their craft and lets not forget fun!  

Enhancing ones natural beauty and highlighting your best features is what we do best.  Correct makeup application at every age is imperative for a natural, youthful appearance.  I'm happy to say that we have mastered this technique.

Founder Kelly Ford has had the opportunity in her career to showcase her talent in many different areas such as t.v., celebrity, weddings, editorial, corporate, and more.  She has has been fortunate to work with award winning photographers like Dina Rudick, Evan Kafka, Eric Levin, Kimberly Lowe, Shawn G. Henry and more.  Her work has been featured in EBN and Family Fun magazines.  Kelly's work has been seen on celebrity and high profile faces such as Gwilym Lee, Baron Baptiste, Emily Rooney, Jim Braude, Callie Crossley, Richie Keene, Phyllis Logan and more.